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Oval Natural Sheepskin Pet Bed - Greige

Oval Natural Sheepskin Pet Bed - Greige

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Super soft pet made from 100% natural sheepskin in a stunning mix of beige and grey!

With a non-slip base, zip closure and generously filled with lightweight EPS beads it is a perfect comfy bed for your four legged friend. We guarantee that your pet will absolutely love it - it’s fluffy, scrumptious and all natural, full of amazing texture and smell that your dog or cat will truly fall in love with!

And occasionally you can even use it for your own lounging - that is, if you manage to negotiate with your four legged friend to vacate it.

The whole tanning process of sheepskins is completed on our side - we use only vegetable based chemicals and are sure it is done properly and environmentally friendly.

Please note that the bed is made with natural sheepskin so there might be slight variances in shade of sheepskin hair or length than ones displayed on pictures.

Product Details

  • Outer Material: 100% sheepskin bed with non-slip base
  • Filling: eco-friendly filling made from vegetables (corn & potato starch)
  • Hair length: Medium (4-7cm); If you'd require any different hair length, please let us know
  • Color: Greige
  • Size: as per selection; Please note that you are selecting the length of the pouf

The height and width (in the widest point) per each length available is as per below (approximately):
- L50cm, W30cm, H15cm
- L70cm, W47cm, H22cm
- L100cm, W56cm, H30cm
- L120cm, W70cm, H33cm

The pouf on our main picture is the biggest size - L120cm.

NOTE: Because of the courier company's package size restrictions we need to send bigger poufs disassembled - this depends on the country we ship to. What we usually do is taking out the filling (which is in a fabric bag) and sending it separately to a sheepskin pouf cover.

All you need to do once you get both packages is to unzip the sheepskin cover and put the bag with filling inside. You also then get a chance to form the pouf as you like.
Super easy and doesn't take more than 2 mins!

Made to Order

Each product is made to order - meaning it can take up to 5 days from the moment of order placement to produce it and ship.

If you're in a hurry - leave us a note!


All our orders are shipped from Poland.

For returns, refer to our shop's policies.

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