About Us

Two sisters, two babies, two dogs, two countries... but ONE passion for creating beautiful and sustainable things that last ♥

We grew tired of conventional, less than pretty and very often made of icky materials products for our beloved four legged friends.

That’s how mellow pet store was born.

because our pets deserve the best (and our planet too!)

We create beautiful products for all pets - cats, dogs, bunnies… Our own dogs (Momo & Mizu) are always thouroughly testing them before they make it into our shop!

But most importantly - we create things that last because we have only one planet Earth.

Say "NO" to:

• plastic, low quality toys

• pet beds that are exchanged every other month because they are not durable

• pet items that need to be hidden because they are… well, not the pretties

• products that are of bad quality and break often which make you spend more and more money

• excessive production that misuse our planet’s resources

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And if you're looking for products for your baby, home or yourself...

Check out Mellow Concept Store - different products but same values, philosophy and quality materials!

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