Five Superpowers of Natural Sheepskin Rug

Five Superpowers of Natural Sheepskin Rug


Sheepskin keeps your pet at theoptimal temperature - You wonder how?

It's thanks to complex structure of sheepskin fibers that create air pockets keeping your pet warm when cold and fresh comes summer heat!

That is why sheepskin is recommended for virtually Everyone - Newborns and Pets alike! Also, if you're a bit older (like us) and "lucky" enough to have always cold feet or hands (welcome to the club!) than sheepskin is definitely for you!



For the same reason sheepskin is super breathable and wicks moisture, keeping your pet sweat-free no matter the season!

Additionally, thanks to these tiny air cushions the pain of back ache, arthritis and rheumatism can be prevented - that is why it is perfect to sit or sleep onfor older dogs or ones recovering from accidents.


Naturally Hypoallergenic

Lanolin is found naturally in the sheepskin as well as human and pet skin and can benefit sensitive or inflamed skin.

Therefore, if your pet suffers from any skin diseases, the sheepskin rug is a must! Moreover, lanolin is also used in many cosmetics as natural morsturizing factor, therefore sheepskin will keep your pet's skin.. well, you guessed correctly - mosturized!

Lanolin is also probably the reason why pets enjoy sheepskin so much - natural smells and textures are truly the best!


Bacteria and Dirt Resistant

We are always flooded with questions how to wash the sheepskin rug.

But the fact is that the sheepskin's natural resistance to mold, bacteria and dust mites means that it does not require much upkeep. Ocassional airing and brushing (with pet brush) does the job at keeping the sheepskin looking gorgeous.

This saves loads of cleaning time so that you can use it on things that actually matter - like playing with your beloved four legged friend ♥


Looks Gorgeous and is Durable

Yes - Looks are not everything yet when it comes to pet furniture they are quite important!

Say hello to the most fluffy, scrumptious and durable pet beds and toys you've ever seen.

No more hiding of your less than pretty pet bed behind the couch... now it is a true statement piece in your living room or bedroom!


Which superpower you love the most?

Comment and let us know!

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